Rename Theme without breaking updatability

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Jan 28, 2016
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    Currently in fm14 renaming a theme breaks its ability to be updated, because its internal ID is reissued (and theme updating is based on internal IDs). This is extremely inconvenient if a theme has been lovingly developed, but has an unbefitting name - or simply a little typo.


    It is a most unpleasant surprise for the developer to later discover that it has PERMANENTLY broken the theme update process!


    Please consider for one moment how much work goes down the pan in a multi-file solution (e.g. 32 files) with a theme that has been carefully developed and deployed in all files. If the theme gets renamed in any of those files, the whole update process is kaputt - the theme has to be deleted in the file, reimported and reapplied to potentially thousands of layout objects.


    Note: recently the same problem with renaming of styles has been fixed, but for some reason not the renaming of themes.




    • Allow themes to be renamed without breaking the theme update process
    • Don't change the theme's internal ID
    • When importing/updating a theme also import/update the theme name.





    Use Cases


    • Developing themes
    • Splitting themes (to reduce the number of styles in a theme + improve performance)
    • Correcting simple typos