Improve UX of Layouting with Themes and Styles

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Jan 29, 2016



    Here I would like to collect all ideas + issues that have an impact on the UX (i.e. developer experience) when Layouting with Themes and Styles to help put them into the big picture. There are a cloud of issues, which together lead to a suboptimal experience (the "Theme and Style Jungle"), so I feel it is necessary to consider them together.

    The aim here is not to suggest outlandish new functionality, rather support a rounding off & tying up of loose ends of the existing introduced functionality.


    Consider this as an umbrella/orientation page and please vote here and on the individual ideas pages.


    Updating Themes & Styles


    In FileMaker 13


    • THEME AND STYLE IMPOSTORS made theme management virtually IMPOSSIBLE in multi-file solutions:
    • Renaming themes or styles broke their updatability.


    In FileMaker 14



    Theme-Update Ideas



    Theme use, changes and information


    There is precious little information about themes and styles in use in a solution available to the developer, making it difficult to manage themes. This management problem is exacerbated by the fact that it is too easy to leave unsaved theme changes lying around in layouts.Some good ideas would thus be:



    Style Use Improvements



    Format Painter + Style Copy+Paste buttons


    The format painter was broken in fm13 and was believed by some developers to still be broken in fm14, however, the excessive LocalCSS it produces is only present until the layout is saved. Thus FMI need only to


    The Style Copy and Paste buttons have lost their ability to paste ONLY formats without changing the style. Strangely, this little known feature has already been implemented in fm4 elsewhere, on the format painter[ALT]+format painter copies ONLY the formats but not the style name. It would, however, be much better if the two buttons worked the same:


    Pasting objects into Layouts



    A few further little nigglers remain:





    The list I am sure is not complete, and I shall add to it or tick off items as they are dealt with by FMI.


    So, if you know of any other issues and ideas to fit into this picture let me know in the comments and I shall happily add them to this text.


    Happy styling