Layout objects should retain their appearance when their style is (manually) deleted

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Jan 29, 2016
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    Currently - in fm14 -  if a style is deleted all objects having that style have their style AND their appearance reset to default.


    This occurs ...

    • when the style is deleted manually,
    • during theme update when the style is not in the new theme - NOT ANY MORE - this has been fixed in fm14.0.1 , however, there is still a bug in a special case - dealt with elsewhere:
      • during theme update where a style is deleted because a style of the same name but different type exists in the new theme





    Deleting a style manually should show the same behavior as when  importing themes, i.e.


    • When a style is deleted manually all objects in the file having that style should RETAIN their appearance.
    • All style formatting should become local formatting (i.e. FullCSS should be moved to LocalCSS)




    • holding the [ALT] Key should reset the appearance to Default (the old behavior)




    • Helps Improve UX of Layouting with Themes and Styles
    • Deleting styles will not have such catastrophic consequences
    • Deleting styles becomes less SCARY
    • It makes it possible to repair styles over a longer period without having gaping holes in the UI.
    • Less errors in the UI
    • Happier developers AND happier endusers
    • More natural / more FileMakery


    Use Cases


    • Removing unwanted styles (which however may still be in use)