Import Theme: Warn of Reset Styles in Confirmation Dialog, Error Log, and Results Dialog

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Feb 1, 2016
    • Johan Hedman
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    When importing a theme into a file, it is not obvious should a style in the target file be reset because it is missing in the theme. (and this occurs simply if styles are accidentally or unwittingly created in the wrong file).


    There is no dialog warning, and even the FileMaker import.log file sadly registers no error and no warning:

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-01 um 11.53.27.png

    (The screenshot is of the fmLogAnalyser tool from fmWorkMate)




    FileMaker should provide information about the success - or more importantly the failure - of the theme import - in 3 ways:


    1. The Import Theme function should show a confirmation dialog, warning of any errors (styles that will be reset) and provide the user the possibility of cancelling the update BEFORE performing the import. (Particularly because it CAN'T BE UNDONE! <- that of course could be an alternative solution to the problem)
    2. The Theme import should show a result dialog, similar to the import records menu item when manually executed, e.g.:


    3. The Theme Import should write an error (or warning) to the import.log:





    • Thanks to the confirmation dialog (or undo option) developers can avoid errors
    • Thanks to the results dialog developers can discover errors immediately and can take the necessary action.
    • Thanks to the log developers can keep track of what and when import errors occurred - even after the action is complete.
    • Improve UX of Layouting with Themes and Styles
    • More FileMakery
    • Less errors, Less gotchas
    • Greater productivity



    Use Cases


    • Developing and Updating themes in multi file solutions
    • Updating a theme later down the line




    @developers - if you agree with the general gist of the idea, but not exactly with the 3 points please comment below but vote it up nevertheless