FileMaker releases need more detailed release notes / change history

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Feb 1, 2016



    This is not so much a feature-request for the product, rather a request for an improvement in the communication about the product.


    In the last few days I have been focussing on the user/developer experience when layouting using themes and styles and testing FileMaker Pro v14.0.4 in order to get an overview of where we now stand, and propose ideas for the improvement of this area.


    I have been extremely gratified - and surprised - to discover that several issues in this area have already been implemented by FileMaker (importing styles by name, using the format painter to paint styles AND formats).


    It strikes me however that the communication about these fixes + changes to the developer community has not been entirely successful - and that many developers still seem to hold on to old beliefs that function X or Y does not work.


    This leads to greatly reduced productivity, as developers continue to act as if function X is still broken / faulty / incomplete and continue to use tiresome workarounds.


    For example, my own testing has shown that


    • fm14.0.4 (and maybe earlier versions) supports importing themes and updating styles by NAME instead of INTERNAL ID.
    • In the case of the format painter, we - and many other developers - have not been using it for around a year, because, although ‘fixed', it has not been communicated HOW it correctly works (one must first save the layout, so that excess LocalCSS is removed).


    The Issues + Product Ideas community is a vast improvement over the previous communication solutions in this area, however there is still the problem that feedback from TSGal & co. in the issues area of the community tends to communicate the information to the small group of individuals who reported the problem, but not to the complete FileMaker community who suffer from the problem/could benefit from the solution.





    • With every release FMI should supply a much more detailed description of the issues that have been fixed and the changes that have been made.
    • This could be a further 'Change History’ file, which over and above the release notes, provides a detailed list of the issues which have been dealt with.




    • Faster uptake of improved functionality by the developer community
    • More appropriate developer behavior
    • Increased productivity
    • Less disgruntled developers


    Use Cases


    • Specifically at the moment for ourselves: developing and applying a new theme to our database
    • Generally: All FileMaker Product development


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