Rewrite of Filemaker engine in SQL

Idea created by Vincent_L on Feb 1, 2016


    I know that's far fetched, but I can't help to hope that someone at FMI is working on this :-)

    Rather than fixing, improving, Filemaker's aging draco engine, I'm advocating for a rewrite of it in SQL, with filemaker GUI added to it.

    Everything Filemaker can do, relationships etc, could be written in SQL. Filemaker GUI will remain the same, but this GUI will be translated to SQL calls.

    Nowadays, it's the opposite, Filemaker SQL (FQL), is emulated in drake's language, this comes with a performance hit, ans lots of idiosyncrasies and limitations.

    The GUI is the slow part, the database engine must be the fast part. By using real SQL, the fast part will become much faster, while the GUi will remain the same.


    There's plenty of open source SQL engines out-there, so a lot of code is already written. The Filemaker translation in SQL sure would be a big effort, but so much worth it, because we would get all the SQL niceties for free :


    - Much better performance (and scalable)

    - Possibly cluster and true backup server, with fail-over and perhaps load balancing & synching

    - Complex queries that are very powerfull

    - Free data separation model, and hence, no more corruption or more exactly much less problematic (just re-import data)

    - Better speed communicating with other sql tools, interoperability.

    - Free slow query log, Explain etc

    - Much better hardware usage (true usefull multi-core usage)

    - Context free

    - No more code tied to GUI, no more Freeze script step needed

    - better, faster client-server communication

    - Stored procedures

    - events

    - Musch more robust (killing users / query that will work each time)

    - powerful command line utility

    - ultra-fast imports / exports


    User will work exactly in the same way, that would be transparent for them, developers would have access to that SQL engine.

    All filemaker dev and user will have a platform that can scale nicely, ensuring their solution stands they whole business life.

    Right know what misses to filemaker is power, sheer speed.

    That's a 30 year product, the business of those that started with FMP 10, 20, 30 years ago expanded, and lots are hitting a point were the performance is not enough anymore.

    Filemaker user base would skyrocket (just because lots of people know SQL).

    A full blown SQL server with the terrific GUI of filemaker, waow.