Never show a question mark in number fields

Idea created by intex on Feb 9, 2016

    In support calls and mails we so often have the problem of people asking, why they don´t see numbers and only get a question mark.


    OK, we can


    format the number in a field

    round the outcome of a formula

    stretch the field to absurd length, most commonly the longest length one would normally think of (what tends to be the problem)


    but often numbers don´t represent calculatable stuff. Take for example the number of water or electricity meter. If you think, you have formatted the field to handle all possible numbers, support has a new number and even longer number for you.


    Life would be much easier, if FileMaker instead of showing this damn question mark would show a part of the number and add "..." if it doesn´t fit or would automatically decrease the font size or do both ?


    Question mark should only be shown, if a calculation isn´t possible or is a division by zero - but for this an error code would be more helpful than just this question mark too.