Permissions: Don’t go to a layout if the user is not allowed to access it

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Feb 18, 2016

    This is the sister idea to Automatically Omit No Access Records from Found Set


    The no-access problem is even greater with layouts than with records, because users with no access to layouts (because of the data they contain) also shut off access to the navigation buttons they contain


    => the user gets stuck in a navigational dead end



    The Go to Layout command should not change layouts, but instead returned an ('no access’) error, if the user has no access in the target layout.

    Ditto Go to related record.



    • Users don’t get stuck in inaccessible layouts
    • The User remains on a layout where there are navigational elements
    • Leverages EXISTING functionality
    • Developers can more easily make use of the existing permissions functionality
    • MUCH less scripting
    • Developers can be more productive elsewhere


    Use Cases


    • Using FileMakers Permissions System to the full