BUG - logging out of Web Direct

Idea created by dburnham on Feb 19, 2016

    Let's say you want to send someone into a Web Direct session with a URL that contains a parameter that will cause them to land on a certain web page when they log out, instead of the FileMaker Launch Center.  


    If you do this with the Status Toolbar visible, it works off the Log Out button.  But if the log-out action is to be triggered with a button on the layout because the menus and toolbars are hidden, then you need to be aware of this.


    The feature, for logging in, is to use a URL in this format, and the host name cannot be an IP address.


    http://<host name>/fmi/webd?homeurl=<targetURL for the logout>#<database name>

    The bug in the log out is this: 

    FileMaker tells us that Exit Application is the script step that performs the Log Out in Web Direct. 

    The problem is that it only works if the button assigned to that script step is a Single Step button.  

    If you write a script and use Exit Application as a script step, you will only cause the page to refresh and it will ignore the homeurl parameter.