Make [popover-]buttons consistent in button bars and on the layout

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Feb 28, 2016



    Buttons and popover buttons in button bars are slightly different to their equivalent objects on the layout.




    • It should be possible to specify the name by calculation for [popover-]button also for buttons not in button bars
    • It should be possible to drag and drop [popover-]buttons interchangeably between button bars and layouts (bb->bb, bb->lyt, lyt->bb, lyt-lyt)
    • It should be possible to change a layout button into a layout popover button, and vice versa.




    • Better UX
      • more consistent
      • user not forced to use a button bar
      • Mistakes can be more easily corrected (no Gotcha)
    • Less overhead
      • Layout is more efficient / faster
      • Easier to style buttons without button bars
    • Greater productivity


    Use Cases


    • Layouting
    • Correcting accidentally chosen wrong button type