Calculated edit-attribute on fields

Idea created by hehazelhorst on Mar 1, 2016
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • psc
    • dsciuto
    • jwmickelson
    • CamelCase_data
    • jpscharf

    In the current version of FileMaker, the data tab of the formatting palette contains a checkbox where you can set the edit-attribute of a field.

    I would like to specify a formula that determines this attribute in browse mode, comparable to the hide object attribute.



    Then it would be much easier to keep people from trying to edit and getting a warning form Filemaker about privileges. Getting these warnings is not user friendly and working around them by hiding/showing objects is a lot of extra work and added complexity.



    This extra attribute would be a tremendous new time-saving feature for developers and would also avoid a lot of irritation among users.



    NB backwards compatiblity could be that FMP14, 13 and 12 would simply ignore the attribute or interpret it as 'checked', or even hide the field alltogether.