Filemaker as a website builder

Idea created by decpro350 on Feb 21, 2016

    Imagine using Filemaker to write the necessary code to build a website. The app would use an interview approach (used in popular tax preparation software) to collect the parameters and content necessary to build the website.  The app would feature a library of templates to build on as well as php, javascript and json scripts to perform a variety of functions. Filemaker scripts can be created to manipulate and manage the code to create html and php files used to deploy and manage the website. ODBC connectivity can be used to manage the database from a Filemaker client. Yes it is an huge undertaking, but so was Wordpress and the other opensource CMS platforms. I have been using Filemaker for content management on a few websites before switching to Wordpress. Managing the website's database with Filemaker was much easier and more straight forward than with Wordpress.