Auto save commit trigger on layout (or on windows) living the cursor in the active field.

Idea created by nodisorder on Feb 25, 2016
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • TeraKuu
    • nodisorder

    I’d like to activate an auto save trigger that enable the developer to auto save data entered by users on a layout or, may be, also on a file after a decided period of time.


    This would enable us to have more control on the circumstance when a record is:

    1. modified on iOS, without committing, before putting the device on pause;
    2. modified by another user (the record locking doesn’t track an uncommitted record of a device in pause);
    3. the original user that modified the record exit the iOS device from pause and all data entered in the record are lost. There are situations when the user is locked in that state if the scripts that govern actions are with the set error capture on without seeing any message.


    The best should be to be able to track this situation just before the iOS enter the pause mode, but I imagine that this is not under the control of iOS app developer but it’s a feature of iOS.


    Of course, you may address this with an on timer script trigger + commit step, maybe triggered after typing anything on the layout, but you need to find a way to bring the user back where it was, since committing the record will exit the cursor from any field. And programming this is possible but time consuming and a performance issue (ex. see the article by skeletonkey Help iOS users save their data)


    This would be useful on all the FileMaker product line.