Please ... Only One Timestamp Format!

Idea created by disabled_morkus on Feb 23, 2016

    FileMaker has (at least) three different date formats for Timestamps.


    1. In Table view, it's like this: 11/10/2015 11:14:11




    2. When returning from SQL, its like this: 2016-02-20 13:50:17  (Note: GetAsTimeStamp will not work with this format)


    GetAsTimeStamp("2016-02-20 13:50:17")  ---> "?" in Data Viewer.  (the "?" is SO helpful....)




    3. Apparently, since there isn't a built-in way to format "2" above to a format that FileMaker can "use" with its functions, you have to write a CF to convert "2" to something FileMaker can actually use?


    GetAsTimeStamp("11-30-2015 3:09:05")


    Are there any plans to unify these crazy differences in Timestamps?


    Request: One Timestamp format. Period. Everywhere. PLEASE.



    And, if one format isn't possible for some internal reason, then there should be built in functions to get from format "2" ---> "3" or wherever, but not up to the developer to start hacking CFs to fill in this discrepancy.

    Working with Timestamps in other environments is straightforward and FileMaker is "supposed" to be easy. Why have this nightmare incompatibility (wasted hours trying to get this to work with little more than a "?" from FileMaker's Data Viewer) with multiple incompatible Timestamp formats?  Confusing and seemingly unnecessary.




    Please address this issue a 14 point release, if possible. At LEAST add a function or two to convert Timestamps between all the formats. (Or, better yet, abandon the 80's style non-OO approach to FileMaker programming and use a more modern approach where (Timestamp) objects "know" what "methods" apply to them.)




    - m