Script objects for records and found set

Idea created by tomasd on Feb 29, 2016
    • tomasd
    • philmodjunk
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    • danshockley

    If you call Perform Find, records are displayed in UI. If you Go to record, it will display the record. You can't change record, if it isn't current. FileMaker always synchronize current record/found set and script. It is very hard to work with related record without switching layouts. It is slower than working with objects.


    We need real OBJECTS in FileMaker for better scripting:

    1) Object type FoundSet, that can be used in script

    $fs = Get(CurrentFoundSet)

    $fs = GetRelatedRecords ( "relation or portal relation", {current record} )



    2) Object type Record

    $records = $fs.First(10)

    $record = $fs.Next()


    $record = Get(CurrentRecord)






    This will simplify record/foundset manipulation in script.