Conditional disabling of layout objects

Idea created by arnoldkegebein on Mar 2, 2016

    I like to have a function to disable layout object using a condition. This feature would include two elements:

    1. A new display state "Disabled", similar to "In Focus" or "Placeholder Text".
    2. An inspector option where I can enter a condition. similar the option "Hide object when".


    This would disable a button instead of hiding it, when not all conditions are met (e. g. missing data field entry).

    This would work great with button bars. Instead of removing (hide) a button segment and increasing the size of all remaining buutons, a disabled button would indicate to the user, here is a function, but you cannot use it yet.

    Disabling fields is another example. Actual FileMaker is doing it already, for example in the field definition dialog and in the layou setup dialog. Please give us the chance to create better user interfaces with conditional disabling of layout objects.