GetFoundsetRecordIDs native function

Idea created by Vincent_L on Mar 5, 2016



    Following my GoToRecordIDs[recordIDs_list] Script Step idea, this GetFoundsetRecordIDs would return the list of the RecorIDs of the current foundset IN ITS ORDER (respecting the order of the records that's very important)

    It's basically a save snapshot link repackaging just focusing on the foundset RecordIDs, it would be at lest as fast.


    This would be very useful  :

    - To recreate the current foundset in PSOS scripts,

    - To help to limit the scope of a ExcecuteSQL query to the current foundset


    I know we've cf to do this, as well as list_of, but they're both much much slower than save snapshot link (listof needs to download all the records contents). We need an awesomely fast way to get the RecordIDs of the current foundset.


    As recordIDs are on every table by default, this will be very portable.


    N.B : Contrary to the save snapshot link feature, it would list all the recordIDs and won't use ranges of RecordIDs, so it will be straightforward to re-use the result directly in a FQL query. Or we could have the choice with a parameter GetFoundsetRecordIDs (useRange) useRange would then be a boolean, by default empty would mean not use ranges.