More triggers, with BEFORE and AFTER; new AfterScriptError trigger

Idea created by arnoldkegebein on Mar 3, 2016
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    I like to have a more detailed trigger system that allows me to choose a trigger that fires before or after the trigger event.

    For example:

    • BeforeObjectEnter
    • AfterObjectEnter – This is the current trigger OnObjectEnter
    • BeforeLayoutExit – This is the current trigger OnLayoutExit
    • AfterLayoutExit


    A new trigger AfterScriptError – preferable also in a Before version, but I guess FileMaker cannot predict when an error will occur ;-)

    This trigger will fire when an error occurs during a script, allowing to log the error and do other proper actions.

    Of course the developer could add after each script step a sequence like If[ Get( LastError ) ≠ 0]; Perform Script "XYZ"; End If, but FIleMaker already triggers script errors, wen you select the option "Pause on error" in the script debugger. Why not giving us the option to trigger a script instead of opening the script debugger?