Defaults for Export Records... Dialog

Idea created by jerrysalem on Mar 4, 2016
    • jerrysalem
    • jbante
    • CamelCase_data

    I wish I could set some defaults when using the 'Export Records' script step.


    If you want to let the user control the name and location of the file you are exporting, you can't set the default location.  Perhaps you want users to start in their Documents folder, or you already saved a default location in your database.


    More importantly, you can't default the file type.  The first time you export, it defaults to Tab-Separated Text.


    I would like to see a control like in the 'Insert File' script step.

    1) custom Dialog Title

    2) default file type

    3) starting location

    4) file options

    Thanks for your consideration.