GoToRecordIDs[recordIDs_list] Script Step

Idea created by Vincent_L on Mar 5, 2016



    This proposed script step will create a foundset with records whose recordIDs are listed in the parameter "recordIDs_list" (a list of values) IN THE ORDER of the recordIDs_list.


    Think of it as a scriptable load snapshot link just focussed on the foundset. It should be at least as fast as a load snapshot link, an preserve the order according to the passed list. This is very important as nowadays there's no way to recreate a foundset order (especially if semi-sorted)


    - This would be the ultimate foundset recreation tool all PSOS lovers need

    - More importantly, this will allow us to create a foundset from a ExecuteSQL result without any need to create special relationships, so it would be a completly decoupled, portable way.

    - The fact that it uses RecordIDs which are always present in all table makes it decoupled / portable.

    - We would be able to master the order of the records in any arbitrary way we would need, once again completly decoupled, without reliance of a sort step. This will for instance allow a fondest to be sorted by discontinued sort order : for instance such recors would be sorted by A, then another group of records would be sorted by B

    - This will probably avoir us to us GTTR, and  free us to create relationships just to us in GTTR.

    - It would be ultra-fast as snapshot links are, because it would rely only on recordIDs and not in the record content.


    so if I do GoToRecordIDs["6¶2¶89¶1"]

    the returned foundset would be







    and that's it.


    The implication of this would be tremendous. I'm sure well beyond the scope of the above points.