Execute Code in Other Languages

Idea created by chivalry on Mar 8, 2016

    Yea, this one is probably really pie-in-the-sky, but what the heck, doesn't hurt to ask.


    Allow developers to execute code in a variety of languages. Yes, we have JavaScript with the Web Viewer, AppleScript built-in on OS X (giving access to everything on the command line), Groovy with ScriptMaster, PHP with SmartPill and a variety of other languages with bBox, again on OS X. How about allowing a variety of popular scripting languages to be executed via a calculation?


    Personally, I'd like to be able to easily execute Python and Lisp code cross-platform, but others might like Ruby, Perl, Java, or even C.


    I could envision a number of ways to implement this:


    - A set of Perform <<language>> script steps (or functions?), or one Execute script step (or function) that allows the selection of the language. Available languages would be among the most popular scripting and programming languages: C, Python, Ruby, Perl, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Lisp, etc.


    - Even better (now I'm getting *way* out there), allow support for writing scripts in these other languages, providing a built-in library for them, allowing scripts to be written completely in the scripting or programming language of our choice.


    I know there are a lot of questions that this suggestion raises, most obviously, which languages to support. I would say a good start would be any that have proven popular enough to have plugins built to support them or that developers have used the Web Viewer to support. At first glance this would be JavaScript, Groovy, PHP, Python, Perl, and Ruby. (Then add Lisp, which is simply a joy to work with sometimes.)