Add Basic Search & Replace (and UNDO) in Scripts ... Please.

Idea created by disabled_morkus on Mar 9, 2016
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    This may be a duplicate of a previous posting, but just to be sure.




    PLEASE add basic search and replace in scripts. How can a professional tool costing nearly $600 not have that? I cannot name another product anywhere that lets you write "code" (OK, scripts) that doesn't include basic search/replace. Paying an additional $400 for a third-party tool is not a good (nor should it be expected) solution to a version 1.0 type feature.


    Also, no UNDO?  The lack of UNDO has caused me nothing but problems. Again, FMP is the only tool I can name that lacks such a basic feature.


    I continue to be baffled why these basic editing (extremely basic refactoring) features could be missing from a $600/Version 14 Tool. Without these basic tools, I rarely use FMP for anything beyond a quick simple personal project. Or, put another way, how can a developer take an environment seriously that lacks basic search/replace/undo? Without basic refactoring tools, the new "script work-space" is only half-baked (and anywhere else search/replace/undo should be but isn't).




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