Display server IP address in launch center

Idea created by hehazelhorst on Mar 10, 2016
    • PeterDoern
    • jbante

    I would like to optionally turn on the display of server IPadresses in the filenames shown in the launch center.


    The reason:

    This would save me a lot of unneccessary quitting and restarting of FileMaker.


    Usually I open a file on FMS on the local network (LAN). When I open the same file from 'outside' via a WAN connection, a different file reference is stored, but this is NOT displayed in the Launch Center! So, next time the file is displayed twice, each with a different IP address. This is not a problem until I try to open two files on the same server, one of which cahas a 'WAN IPaddress' and the other has a 'LAN IPaddress'. Then FileMaker will quit, with a serial number violation error. Which ofcourse is very annoying.


    So the remedy is simple: either display the server IP adress in the 'My solutions' tab of the Launch Center, or show the 'Hosts' tab by default, which will make it easier to avoid mistakes.