Sort valuelist created from a table by a custom field

Idea created by BrianHebert1525 on Mar 11, 2016
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    When creating a valuelist, you that 3 options:

    Use values from field:

    Use value list from another file:

    Use custom values:


    When using "values from field", you have the option to use two fields. However, if you click the "Show values only from second field" box, the only option for sorting the list is "Second field".


    Often times I create a table for custom value lists (like, for statuses on a project). I use this because I don't want the customer to be mucking with Manage Value Lists function and I many use a field from that table to trigger something else. Often, I need these list to have a custom sort (say like a project applications and the statuses following in a specific order instead of alpha numeric order). There's no way to do this right now.  Custom sorting based on a field in that or a related table would add tremendous functionality to this area. Thanks!