Multi-column value list (and other related improvements)

Idea created by arnoldkegebein on Mar 11, 2016

    I like to see some improvements with value lists:

    • Multi-columns – more than just two columns
    • Optional column headers
    • Sort by any column … or no sort at all
    • Hide any column
    • Use custom values with values from fields
    • Combine two value lists
    • Create dividers not only with custom values


    Multi-column value list

    Sometimes two columns are not enough. Often the first column is already used for the id, leaving only one column for the data. But sometimes this date contains different column values.

    For example – a value list to select a contact:

    1st column: contact no.; 2nd column: first name; 3rd column: last name; 4th column: company


    Contact NoFirst NameLast NameCompany
    1002FrankVandervaardNyssun Automobiles
    2441Marcus P.RamsteinBooble Inc.


    Optional column headers

    With multiple columns headers might be helpful. A value by itself is not always self-explanatory. For example the value "Arnold", is it a first name or a last name?


    Sort any column … or no sort at all

    With multiple columns it should be possible to sort by any column, even by multiple columns. Or no sort at all, keeping the values in the original order.


    Hide any column

    Useful if I use a custom sort but do not want to show the column with the sort values.


    Use custom values with values from fields

    Sometimes I like to use a value list filled with values from field but add some default values (in case those values are not already in the table). For example, a value list for contact number types is filled with the field contact::contactNoType. But I like to add two default values (home, office). These values will always be shown, even with an empty table.

    FIleMaker actual uses this kind of value lists. In layout mode, when you select a layout, the value list starts with "Manage Layouts…" and is followed by all available layouts.


    Combine two value lists

    This is a variation of the previous topic. Think of it as a list with the values most recently selected, followed by a list with all values.

    Again, FileMaker uses this type of value list already. In layout mode, select a font in the formatting bar. The list starts with the most recent selected fonts, followed ba a list of all available fonts.


    Create dividers not only with custom values

    If I can combine two value lists or have some custom values added to a field driven value list, I like to add a divider between these lists.

    Again see the value list already used by FileMaker.