Copy Calculation with full TO::Field names

Idea created by brianc on Mar 14, 2016
    • tomasd
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    • brianc
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    • Chris Irvine
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    As a developers we often find ourselves moving between a calculation and the Data Viewer in order to debug a calculation.

    The problem is that when you copy your calc, if the fields referenced are in the current table, you only get the field names and not the TableOccurrence::Field names.  This means, you have to manually go through your calc and add the TO info yourself.  Yes you can limit this to some extent by using LET, but if you have a lot of different fields being referenced, it can still be a pain.  I would like to see a clipboard button on the calculation dialog screen that will give your an option to copy the calc or to copy the calc with fully qualified field names (i.e. to::field).