Changing field class to calculation should retain type.

Idea created by brianc on Mar 14, 2016

    To make this easier to understand, I will first explain how filemaker defines things under the hood:


    Filemaker's field CLASSES are:

    Normal, Calculated, Summary


    Filemaker's field TYPES are:

    varchar, decimal, timestamp, binary, global varchar, global decimal, global timestamp, global binary


    Repetitions: a varchar type with 3 repeptitions would look like this varchar[3].


    TO make things more user friendly, some of the types have more recognizable descriptions in the FIleMaker UI:

    varchar = text

    decimal = number

    binary = container


    This all being said, my issue is that when you change a field's class from Normal to Calculation, it ALWAYS sets the type to decimal(aka number).  This is not expected behavior.  If I set the field up to have a repetition > 1 and/or set the field to be a global field, will retain these settings, but for some reason, it never retains the correct type.