Manage Database/Tables: Purge Table

Idea created by brianc on Mar 14, 2016
    • tomasd
    • brianc
    • mrwatson-gbs
    • SteveNoble

    It would be nice to have a button to purge all data from a table, and have it give you the option to either allow cascading deletes, or to just purge the table without affecting anything else.

    - Helpful with testing solutions prior to deployment and being able to quickly erase data in any tables that you choose.

    - Helpful when you need to quickly purge and restore the data in a single table manually.

    This would potentially eliminate much of overhead that is normally involved with using the "Delete All Records" script step that would take an eternity with extremely large databases. If you have ever used a plugin to issue a SQL statement to 'Delete FROM Table' without specifying a WHERE condition, it can be quite eye opening how fast a delete all records can actually be...