Expand Field Access on Inspector.

Idea created by robert_schaub on Mar 16, 2016
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    The condition hide is nice. I would like to see the field access expanded on the inspector pallet

    From Browse Mode / Find Mode to


    Allow field entry when / Hide field when  / Find Mode when

    Also copy / paste field conditions buttons like the Style buttons on the Appearance tab. This way you can click on a field, press the copy field condition button , click on another field in the layout and press the press field condition button.


    Allow field entry when  [Get(Privelege Set) = "Edit") or Allow field entry [Get(AccountName) = "Admin") ] or Allow Field entry when [Get ( UserName ) = "Robert" ]


    Hide field when and Find Mode when are like the examples above.

    This would all be done at layout level rather than having to set up limited access in the manage security area.