Script Steps/Functions to deal with indexing

Idea created by coherentkris on Mar 16, 2016

    How about a Maintain Indexes section of the administrative controls ( like Manage Database, Security et al) that facilitates manipulation of field indexes.

    It would allow a selection of a table or tables and the fields within each table and contain controls for manipulating the indexes for the selections.

    If a table is selected but no fields are selected the controls should apply to the entire table.

    Control 1: Rebuild indexes.. this button click would go through the selections and, if an index is present rebuild it and leave the indexing settings as they are.

    Control 2: Kill indexes. This button click would go through the selections and if an index is present set the indexing attributes to None with autocreate turned off.

    Control 3: Restore defaults. This button click would go through the selections and restore all selections to the FM default settings for indexing.. None with autocreate as needed turned on.

    Control 4: Create Index (type All or Minimal). This button and selector would create minimal or all indexes for the selections.


    This functionality could also be extended to include an appropriate set of script steps and functions ( like GetIndex ( fieldname or table name ), GetIndexingSettings ( fieldname or tablename ), DropIndex( fieldname ), CreateIndex ( fieldname ; type ) ) to use the functionality in scripts