Better documentation tools

Idea created by hehazelhorst on Mar 18, 2016
    • jsheller
    • BMyers
    • hehazelhorst

    How much development time is lost because the documentation of a solution is bad, incomplete or totally absent?


    To make it easier to set this straight and to add documentation afterwards, I would like to be able to have a couple of additions to FileMaker Pro Advanced:

    1. a scriptstep 'Set comment ( fieldname ; comment)' that does just that: set the comment of a field to a particular value (within the input limitations of the comment field ofcourse).

    2. add a comment to a Table Occurrence and to a relationship;

    3. add a comment to a ValueList


    Ad 1: this would make it much easier to have other people work on the documentation of a database. Maintaining off-line documentation in a design document is important, but having a description in the comment field is by far the most effective solution. Once a solution is deployed, adding comments is complicated. With this scriptstep, you could hand over a backup copy, have other people add comments to it and synchronise the comments later on.


    Ad 2 and 3: these options are obvious, I guess. Documenting a solution should be a best practice and FileMaker must make the process as easy as possible, that is: right where it belongs.