Window Object

Idea created by vince.menanno on Mar 31, 2016

    We currently have some window attributes... found sets, and sorts etc. So lets say you have a list of customer records and you have a different found set in each one. That works great. I realized we need more. Basically we need a way to store things in a window object. For example this post about multi section.



    I think the window object should encompass or include things like multi sections. So think again of the scenario where you have a list of customers. Maybe in one window you have customers from California and in another window you have a list of customers from New York. Now in both windows you would like to have multi selections possible... and have a script work on those selections. So in that context think WINDOW OBJECT(s) to the rescue.


    Not sure if they would be a set of custom functions or what they would be hanging off the window.


    In the same way you would say define a local variable inside a script and the SCOPE of that variable only lives while that script is running. Then these things that we could attach to the window would only live with the WINDOW.OBJECT.


    This would open up a huge set of possibilities.