Licensing Model Change: In App Purchases

Idea created by Matt Navarre on Apr 1, 2016

    As FileMaker continues to adapt to the changes in the market, all versions of FileMaker could be available for free, but with limited functionality. A user could start development with some basic script steps, such as Go To Layout, Beep, Copy, and Paste, but if they wanted to use other features, they would be available as In App Purchases. These would be stored with the file, so that once purchased, users would be able to use the database with all purchased features.


    Here is a schedule of what these features might cost:

    FileMaker Pro & Advanced

    Manage Database: $40

    Manage Security: $30

    Set Variable: $40

    Set Variable Array: $400

    Comment: $20

    Comments that wrap to multiple lines: $80

    Comments that are readable, useful, with proper spelling and grammar: $200

    Undo: $40

    Loop: Free

    Exit Loop: $30

    Set Zoom Level: $20 (free for developers over 65)

    Post to Instagram: $20 (free for developers under 16)



    Standard Pack (Trim, Ceiling, Random, Pi, Self):  Free

    Extended (Case, Let, Left, Right, Radians, Get, etc.):  $100

    Esoteric (Atan, Base64Encode, GetRepetition, Sign, Variance): $400


    FileMaker Server

    for a single file: Free

    Additional files: $20 per year

    Server Backup: $100

    View Logs: $40

    Live Failover: $10,000 (price doesn't matter - nobody actually cares)



    Buy-Any-Feature: $50,000 (Must be a reasonable sized feature with at least 100 votes in forum)

    Dinner with Dominique: $2,000

    Karaoke with Mark Baum: $20

    Permanent removal from FileMaker license sales call list: $50


    Happy April First!