Alternative TCP/IP Port for FileMaker Go

Idea created by Andy Hibbs on Apr 3, 2016
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • jbante
    • tcfitzgerald
    • CamelCase_data

    We'd like to see an alternative IP port option for connecting FileMaker Go to FileMaker Server.


    To improve security we can use firewalls to restrict access to servers by restricting to approved source addresses (either a network WAN address or in our particular case to our Citrix/RemoteApp servers, which still allows mobile access, but we can tie the FMS access to each Citrix/Remoteapp server, each of which have their own certificates, security, etc).


    However, to allow FM Go mobile access, we have to allow access from anywhere for the same 5003 port as for the full FileMaker Pro/Advanced apps, which have full design/developer capabilities. This prevents us restricting FileMaker Pro access to only our approved copies.


    If we could have the current 5003 access for FMP/FMPA, 443 for WebDirect, then another port for FileMaker Go, we can really take advantage of firewall rules on the server and increase security.