Found set from a list.

Idea created by bigtom on Apr 3, 2016

    My vision for this is to be able to quickly create a found set from a list of unique values.


    This would really speed up working with finds on FMS. Finds on the client on a large table across WAN is extremely slow. It is often useful to send an ExecuteSQL script to run on Server and it returns a list of IDs to the client. This is often faster than looping through a number of finds to get the final desired found set. Even if you have a found set on FMS it is not easy to get that set back to the client. Turning this list into a found set on the client or the server is not very simple. As an example assume a table with 700k records sits on the server. You need 150k of those records isolated and emaield or FTP'd as a CSV.


    With this feature you would never need to relate the huge table to the Layout table and there would not be 700k records moving to the client and there is no need for the client to even see the 150k records either. Yes, this can be done now but it is not so quick or concise.


    This could also be used to sort a found set into a list on server instead of on client.