Server Scripts queue (delayed start on idle)

Idea created by tomasd on Apr 7, 2016
    • tomasd
    • Informing_Designs
    • Johan Hedman
    • dbermann
    • Vincent_L

    I would like to have a new option for Server script schedule - 'Queue server script'. That means, the script won't start when other server schedule is currently running.



    Let's have 2 schedules:

    schedule 1 planned start at 22:00  - this script ends at 23:30

    schedule 2 planned start at 23:00  - queue option checked, schedule 2 will start 23:30 instead of 23:00


    Why this could be useful:

    sometimes it isn't possible to prevent schedule override (run takes variable time)

    when scheduled scripts run simulatenously on same database, it is inefficient