Productcases: FM-Client AND FM-Developer instead of FMP and FMPA

Idea created by Benjamin Fehr on Apr 8, 2016

    Generally, we have 2 kind of parties:

    - we, the developers. Who should be glad to pay that extra money for FMP Advanced for the benefit of Script-Debugger and Data-Viewer.

    - our customers. In need of FMP (and maybe FMServer) to run a network, but have not necessarily need for Scripting, change Layouts and Fields.


    From this perspective, it makes sense to separate this products and widen up the gap between them according to the needs of those parties:

    - a FMP Advanced  as we know it, called 'FileMaker Developer'

    - a 'FileMaker Client' with a lower price with Network Sharing option but no programming feature at all


    For big customers with complex solutions, a 'FileMaker Developer' license, if needed, is still affordable