Enhance script language in FileMaker

Idea created by tomasd on Apr 15, 2016
    • tomasd
    • petey
    • intex

    Now, when we have script workspace in version 14, the next step is fully matured scripting language. Clickable script steps are ok and I am not against it, but for advanced developers, there is really pain in programming some more complex logic in scripts.


    FileMaker script language can be adapted to some more universal language (e.g. Swift, Javascript,...). Then we have new posibilities and it is better than adding isolated custom functions for each task.


    Example - split multi-line text: "hello¶John | hello Marry" with | delimiter



    var result = str.split("|");




    $x = Substitute( Substitute ("hello¶John | hello Marry"; ¶; "##new line preserved##"); "|"; ¶);

    Substitute ( GetValue ($x; 1) ; "##new line preserved##"; ¶)