Field Entry Options based on a Calculation

Idea created by Malcolm on Apr 19, 2016

    Field Entry Options based on a Calculation



    Field Entry options are set on a layout and apply to all users. At present we are able to determine whether fields may be entered in browse mode or in field mode. Provide a calculation box option here so that we can control field entry.



    We can see that these two checkboxes are a bit of UI sugar and behind the scenes the equivalent calculation is:



    Get( WindowMode ) = 0  for Browse


    Get( WindowMode ) = 1  for Find



    By providing an optional calculation box we can create more dynamic and reflexive solutions. We can control access to the fields based on privilege sets, extended privileges, current data, user actions, date and time, environmental conditions, etc. It will allow us to provide UI behaviours which are in synch with and reinforce the business logic and the user access privileges. This will make the solution more coherent and sensible to the user.



    A very simple example would allow one set of users with editing privileges to enter the fields in browse and find mode. Another set of users, with read-only privileges would only be able to enter the fields in find mode. In this way, the fact that the fields cannot be entered by read-only users corresponds with the security settings. The correspondence between rights and behaviour will create better affordance in the UI.



    Another example would be a no-going-back form. While a certain condition is true the user is able to enter the fields and edit. Once that condition fails to be true, the user is unable to enter the fields.