Perform Action / Run Script as another user

Idea created by Malcolm on Apr 19, 2016
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    Perform Action / Run Script as another user



    When developing and maintaining solutions it is very important to test the solution thoroughly from the perspective of a user in each of the privilege sets.



    Presently we do this by creating test accounts. We log in as the test user and perform actions. The debugger window provides a login dialog for a full access user account. This allows the developer to be logged in as a lower privilege set and to be able to inspect the running processes via the debugger. This is quite useful but in practice it is clumsy and requires a lot of effort to switch between accounts. The whole process takes a lot of time.



    I would like the tools menu and the debugger window to provide an item which allows a Full Access user the ability to switch to another privilege set, without needing a user account or having to re-login. A sub-menu from the Tools menu could provide a list of all the privilege sets. This would enable a Full Access user to switch back and forth between privilege sets easily.



    It would be desirable to have this available as a pop-up on the debugger window so that the developer could easily switch privileges on the fly while debugging a script.



    It would also be desirable, having switched to a privilege set, to have the option of emulating a particular user. This could be done via a pop-up menu presenting the account names of users within that privilege set. This would need to be done without requiring a password.



    These tools would provide the developer with the means to test their solution across all privilege sets more quickly and easily than we can do so presently. It would encourage better and more thorough testing than we can achieve using the current tools.