Values from field(s) in a list layout

Idea created by Andy Hibbs on Apr 20, 2016
    • tomasd
    • fitch
    • hschlossberg

    It would be great to have an equivalent of 'Copy all Records/Requests' that allows a field or fields to be specified, rather than all displayed fields. We can do a List () for a relationship but not for the current found set in a list layout. Even better if we could have the equivalent of an SQL SELECT UNIQUE and only have the differing values (similar to 'From Index').


    For instance, we have a multi-currency order list that uses the international 3 letter currency codes. If we have a list that mixes the currency, any totals are meaningless due to the exchange rates. With a feature similar to the above, we'd be able to establish whether there was a single currency or mixture of currencies within the FoundCount.


    We have overcome this on reports by sorting on the currency field and going to the first and last records and comparing the result. But for lists using type ahead finds, this is not practical, neither is going to a layout containing a single field, copying this and returning to the original layout.