New disclosure layout part / Expanded Body Part

Idea created by vince.menanno on Apr 27, 2016

    I posted not too long ago about a way to open and close sub-summary parts. So its like that.


    Or extending and adding to this post.


    Selected Record


    To have a disclosure part in the body part. Maybe its called an expanded area part not sure.


    So lets say you had a body part that was was 30 PT high. And you select a row ... right now we can show the detail in a popover. But what this expanded part would allow you to do would be to expand the body part. And there could be a setting that says only one row expanded at one time or multiple rows can be expanded.


    And you can set the size it expands to.


    This way you can have the best of FORM view and LIST view combined.


    Combine this with the request I had for selected row state then we are getting even closer to multiple selected items within a window.


    Oh yeah and it would have to be window independent. Meaning that you could be expanding different rows in different windows.


    Check out how that expanded areas works at the noun project: Stadium icons | Noun Project