Some more date calculation functions like Easter

Idea created by intex on May 7, 2016

    Especially for the beginners it would be very helpful in many business cases to have some more Date functions for calculations:


    1. Easter(year): Gives the date of Easter in the given year. From this on a bunch of further Christian holidays can be calculated easily.
    2. SetHolidays(list of dates): Sets the holidays for further date functions. Dates parameter can be calculated with Easter and perhaps with parameters for common countries holidays like US, English, French, Spanish, German etc.), but also be set individually (for example company holidays)
    3. AddWorkdays(date; number of days; workdays only): Adds a number of workdays to a given date. Parameter workdays only adds additional days as long as the calculated day isn´t a workday. List of holidays by SetHolidays is observed.
    4. Workdays(starting_date;end_date): Calculates the number of working days between starting and end date. List of holidays by SetHolidays is observed.
    5. IsWorkday(date): Gives you 1 for workday and 0 for holiday for the given date. List of holidays by SetHolidays is observed.
    6. Age(Birthday/Production day; date): Gives the age of a person or product for a given date in days:
    7. ConvertDaysToMonths(starting_date; days): Gives you the number of months and days or years, months and days
    8. In search mode you can more easily search for quarters of the year with search terms: Q1, Q2 etc. instead of 1.1.2016,..31.3.2016