Filmaker Server maintenance mode

Idea created by Vincent_L on May 4, 2016


    In the FMS admin I wish there would be a maintenance mode switch that will disallow any new user connection, scheduled script / backup execution. This would be ideal when you have big schema modification.


    The admin would put that switch in maintenance mode, existing clients and running server side scripts won't be stopped or disconnected. Only new clients and new server side script & backup won't occur.

    The admin will  then disconnect clients.


    Then he will do his modifications or even change files, that will be done quickly, without any fear for dat integrity, or slowness for the clients.

    Clients that would try to connect will get a Filemaker is in maintenance mode message


    When the admin would finish, he would switch off maintenance mode, and service will resume as usual.


    That idea came to me as I was adding 10 fields on my main table. When committing that schema modification, the dialog remained stuck for more  than 4 hours, probably because server side script tapped into that table. The server side script didn't progress actually. So I finally disconnected all clients.

    A maintenance mode would have allowed me to do this in 5 minutes tops.


    This is very worthwhile when you need to work live to avoid service downtime the most possible