Money Symbols W/ User selection

Idea created by ontarget on May 5, 2016
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    My products for FileMaker are sold worldwide, and ongoing problem with developing solutions for international market is the money symbol for numeric fields. This is really a no-brainer in that users need to be able to select the money symbol for their local area. Currently FileMaker does not allow a user to modify a numeric field to change the money symbol for local usage.


    To implement a useful solution to money symbols, and to provide the ability for a user to modify using a global to change the money symbol is not available. My workaround was to provide a drop-down list that provided 53 countries money symbols in a global field. Then I created a money symbol field and had to place it next to the numeric field where I needed a money symbol change. This is really a hack and not a good solution. Although it works, most users see it as a inappropriate way to present money symbols. It also requires at least three character positions for the money symbol that takes a lot of space on the layout.


    An elegant solution would be that the user would have a menu option or edit field with a with an option to type in their local currency symbol and have the application modify all numeric fields that are addressed as money fields. The only issue with this is pretty clear that using percentage or decimal fields they cannot be changed and must remain the same type. Instead of setting the money symbol while developing the application, it would be better if you could just set the field as a money symbol field as opposed to a decimal or percentage field. Then the user can use something available to them where they can select the correct money symbol for the location.


    This solution needs to take into account that some applications do not provide access to the menus, so the developer needs to have an option to provide field that will allow the user to select a money symbol on the layout. This is very similar to what I did with my work around. The benefit of having a changeable money symbol would allow any country in the world to have a user that can change by simply typing in the correct local symbol. I would've thought that somebody would've suggested this a long time ago?