Collapsable layout parts and elements

Idea created by intex on May 6, 2016

    Although there is already one idea regarding


    Expandable and Collapsable Sub-Summary Sections


    I´d like to extend this concept to rather all layout parts and elements.


    1. In list view it would be nice to be able to hide, show and expand the data parts of the listed elements. Hide those which you don´t want to see, show only a little of most, but show all of the current record on which you concentrate.

    2. Same in table view, but here groupings should be collapsable too. By the way, why not have groupings in list view and portals?

    3. The same technique of collapsable data rows should be available in portals.

    4. In form view you should be able to define a collapsable part. With this you could show / or not additional information. Parts below the collapsable part should flow up and down automatically. Collapsing should not only work downwards, but also to the right. Extend the view if the screen is wider.


    All this would make the interfaces much more flexible and would allow the user to concentrate on certain data or to blend information in and out as needed without definining x layouts.