Custom Slide Controls for Developer Documentation and User Help Info

Idea created by decpro350 on May 7, 2016

    Why not use Filemaker 14's Slide Control to double as a Programmer's Documentation note pad and as a slide out help panel for end users. Below is a description of the suggested functionality:


    Developer's Documentation Slide Control (DDSC)

    1. This slide control would be accessible only to individuals with Admin or Developer login credentials in Layout Mode.
    2. This control would enable developers to embed programming notes that are layout specific. This would be very helpful when using portals, merge variables, slide controls and buttons on a layout. Eliminates having to reference the relationship table or generate a DDR to keep track of your work.
    3. Can also be used to record troubleshooting notes during production.
    4. A print option would enable you print out and store hard copies.
    5. Embedded hyper links would provide instant access to DDSCs in other layouts

    User Documentation Slide Control (UDSC)

    1. This slide control would enable developers to embed user help documentation on a slide control on a layout.
    2. This control would work in conjunction with the Help tab so that clicking the Help tab in a solution would open the UDSC in that layout.
    3. Makes it very easy to create content sensitive user help info.
    4. The ability to add video, screenshots and hyper links.
    5. Since the UDSC is linked to the layout ID, this provides a way to update help documentation using Filemaker server.