Popover Parameter

Idea created by Johan Hedman on May 12, 2016
    • Johan Hedman

    We have no Close button in Popovers. We can close them by clicking outside, but I would like to add a Parameter to each Popover


    Why: I use Popovers to show the user more information about a field, give them extra help what to enter in a field or just showing them a picture. For this I don't want the user to click outside to close the window.


    How: I want to be able to control the Popover how long it should be open. The Parameter should be in number of seconds in should be open. If Parameter have no number (seconds) entered the Popover stays until it is closed by user. If Popover have value 15, it will automatically be closed after 15 seconds.


    I know I can use Tool Tips for helps, but I think Popovers are more design friendly and Tool Tips close after just a few seconds even due the user have been able to read the enter message or not. Popover are great for so many things.