Update Global fields on a server without closing the file

Idea created by sreese on May 13, 2016
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    Salutations Again,


    It never fails when I am working on something old I find something about FM that drives me crazy every once in awhile.


    When you run FileMaker on a local file you can store a default value in a global field that will persist upon closing the file and opening it.


    I know that on the server global fields are session based, which I absolutely love, but I cannot change the default value of those session globals without either scripting the change for when everyone connects or I have to close the file and make the changes offline and bring it back online again.  This is an absolute pain in the read end!


    What I am asking for is the ability to set the default values of globals that are used to create the global fields in a session.



    • I want to code a default file creation path into a global field for exports
      • I can update this one field and all of the scripts will automagically update and use this lovely new location.
    • On a local run file I can do this with no issue.
    • On a server based file I have to
      • Script the logon script to always set this global field to that value (pain in the butt and I have to do it with script editing privileges)
      • Close the file
      • Make changes offline
      • Re-open the file


    Those are my options, but what I would like to do is enable a power user to set that field for everyone, but not grant them access to change scripts.


    Ideally, someone could go to Bob the IT technician and say that we are changing our folder structure and we need the files to store on NewShare1\Documents instead of OldShare1\exports.


    Today Bob would have to send me a message and I would have to schedule a maintenance window to make the change and I would probably write a script to handle it temporarily. (Heaven forbid I forget to remove it).


    I trust Bob to make these changes. I know the risk that he could screw something up. So please let me empower Bob to make his change and clear off my plate petty little things like that are better delegated.