Enhancement to Perform Quick Find Script Step

Idea created by dtcgnet on May 13, 2016

    The current format for the Perform Quick Find script step allows for only one parameter: what to find.


    Perform Quick Find [ Table::Field ] searches all Quick Find enabled fields for the current value in Table::Field.

    Perform Quick Find [ "Find this text" ] searches all Quick find enabled fields for "Find this text".


    My guess is that FM assembles a list of all of the Quick Find enabled fields on the active layout when the Quick Find is performed, and then it generates a list of Finds, one for each enabled field.


    My idea is...allow a second parameter to the step. The second parameter would simply specify which of the fields upon which to perform the quick find.


    Perform Quick Find ( "Find this text" ; [table::fieldA] ; [table::fieldB] )


    would only search fields fieldA and fieldB for "Find this text" for instance.


    Perform Quick Find would search all enabled fields by default, but the user could specify a subset of fields instead. In addition, it would certainly be possible to specify a field to search which is NOT on the given layout.